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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Facts about Spain

There are many links giving us different facts about Spain.  What do you think of the ones in this link? Do you agree? Do you think there are any facts missing that should be included?

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Christmas Crackers

Some of you may remember our attempts at making christmas crackers as an activity a couple of years back.  For those who don't know of this other christmas tradition in England (and are interested, of course), here we have a couple of videos: one showing what the cracker looks like and what things typically come inside and the other showing crackers in use around the christmas meal table.

Updated Christmas Carols

Christmas is soon coming, as we are now constantly reminded by advertising and shop sales.  Christmas carols are traditionally sung from door to door on the days coming to Christmas. On that note, here is a new updated version of the traditional carol 'Silent night' with a beatbox touch. Would be a great pleasure to have these singing at my door!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Trinity GESE Exams

Trinity GESE exams are oral based examinations graded from 1-12. They are aimed at both adults and children. Candidates must be at least 7 years old when they start being examined. Examiners come from any part of the United Kingdom. At The Red Lion School, the exams are taken at the school on the last week of June.
For those doing the exams, or thinking about doing them, here are a few example videos of various levels.

The Silent Method

This is another method of teaching English, where the students focus on pronouncing the sounds by following a colour chart. Once all the sounds are learnt, the teacher is mainly silent and it is the students that follow the sounds to pronounce the words. Any opinions? Would you like to be taught this way? Do you think it would be effective?